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Destaque Service

Efficiency, readiness and updating are key words for the continuous development of any company.

With the reserve system provided by Destaque Turismo at your disposal, you are guaranteed of safety and reliability in your informations, fast operations, productivity for your company and profit for your business.

Amongst other services, we offer our reserve system’s sector to provide:

  • Agreeing witch each client’s final needs, we can provide management reports sorted by city, employers, sector, airline, hotels, periods, etc;
  • Flight, seats, foods, temperature and place availability for your passengers;
  • Request for airlines’ special services;
  • Booking flight, hotel, and rental reservations worldwide;
  • Calculating fares and automatic ticket issues;
  • Registration based on the clients profile and references;
  • Information on countries, airports and hotels location;
  • Printed out itinerary;
  • Special event planning for your company, including preparation specific for fairs, congresses, reunions, conventions, technical visits and guest receptions;
  • Ticket endorsement, in compliance with each airline company’s policy;
  • Register your favorite hotels and airlines, with previous authorization from your company board (for example, allowing Extras for hotels);
  • Company direct mail to inform of procedural changes, also previously authorized by the responsible board;
  • Big Concentrations – Suppliers (airlines, hotels, rentals, etc);
  • Employee password registration for various sectors, allowing different access to our services;
  • Personalized forms for specific requests, signed by the responsible personnel, cleared with a reservation code. We take care of everything, so your company won’t have to spend a single employee to this area, as we will create a direct line with all the responsible departments and subsidiaries.

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