International Destinations

Américas do Norte, do Sul e Central

The american continent has numerous destinations, appreciated e valued aroud the world.

The mayan civilization, for example, has its own piramide of Chichen Itzá, and it is magnificent and spectacular in its own way. This wonder can be found in Mexico’s hights part, in North America.

There’s also the Gand Canyon, the jewelry of the United States, a spectacle that attracts a great number of visitors from around the world every year. The greateness of the Niagara Falls, the Canada border, the gracefullness of Central America and its islands, atolls and reefs, the Mayans richest heritages preserved in Guatemala, the vast biodiversity of Colombia and its jungles, mountains, rivers and deserts.

The charms of South America offer a complete repertoire of natural attractions, such as glacial landscapes from Patagonia, and from the Fire Land, the isolated oceanic islands of Galapagos e the Easter Island.

Americas: Unique destinations that hold incredible surprises

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