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About Destaque Turismo

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As a result of the process of Globalization we are living in, companies were forced to reestructure themselves to compete in a market that gets more selective every day.

Destaque Turismo is on the market since 1996, and we’ve always worked our hardest to be constantly improving. Now, we offer the most importante matter when it comes to selling: Consulting.

We work in search of new solutions for our clientes, having lower prices, less weariness and faster solutions as our goal.

This becomes possible through lenghty studies of your company and its needs, which includes triage and rating of hotels, airline companies, car rental companies and any other relevant aspects.

Besides this assistance, you will immidiately have at your disposal our Destaque Service, a series of services that are completely directed to our clients needs.
At the Destaque Service system, you will find options to help you achieve great improvements, such as modernization, negotiation advantages and safety in your operations.

All of this with no extra costs.

We at Destaque Turismo want to create lasting allegiances!

And the benefits don’t stop just yet…

The Destaque Turismo Company is highly qualified to elaborate personalized to attend each cliente, making your trip a unique and unforgettable experience.